Where are my perfect leggings?
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Help me find my absolutely perfect leggings with my personal set of criteria!

I can't find leggings that tick all of these boxes, can you help?

1) lounge/wearing-around leggings, not exercise leggings
2) Therefore made of some sort of really nice, soft material, not something slick and moisture-wicking
3) Actually leggings, not joggers or anything else non-tight.
4) Full-length. I'm relatively short so some 7/8 ones might work but they need to come down at least to the top of my foot.
5) NOT high rise. NOT "tummy control." Low and mid-rise are probably both fine.
6) Sufficiently thick/opaque/warm. They don't need to be heavy & fleece lined, but not super-thin either.
7) Something that balances a price/quality spectrum. I'm not going to spend $100 per pair, probably, but I'm also not interested in crappy $10 ones.

1) Available in heathered neutral colors - heathered gray, navy, dark green, etc. I think heathered is nicer than solid colors.
2) If solid only, then a nice collection of solid colors (even if it's just a variety of neutrals). Not just black.
3) A little phone-holding side pocket would be nice.

Does anyone know of leggings that fit at least all of my must-haves? This seems like I'm asking for bog-standard leggings, but I swear I can't find full-length, not super-high, regular-old leggings that also seem good quality and comfy.
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Land's end starfishleggings
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The ones that I am in love with are the Universal Standard leggings. I think they only come in black but they do come in at least 2 lengths and they meet your other criteria for sure! Discover the wonder of Universal Standard...I am never going back. :)
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Cuddl Duds Fleece Leggings tick all your boxes with the exception of the phone pocket. $30.00
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I have a pair from New Balance that fit all of your criteria. I bought them about six years ago but these look similar
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Pact makes cotton ones with a phone pocket and heathered colors. A friend swears by them - I haven't tried myself but she lives in them.
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I like these from Lands End. Don't be fooled by the name: they're called "active" but feel soft, not slick. I'm short, and they hit right at the ankle. The starfish ones are more like knit pants than leggings, and look super dowdy on me (your butt may vary).
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Take a gander at SuperFitHero, with two caveats:

- They only make sizes L to 7XL.
- They're possibly going to be too high-rise for you. I'm quite tall, with the torso that ate New Jersey, and the waistband comes up at least to my navel, and often to my natural waist. There are tons of images of models, and they're the nicest company, I'm absolutely certain they'd help you out with the rise measurement if you asked. (Assuming it's not somewhere on the website already.) They are not tummy control or anything like that -- just cut to have a good high rise.

(They're heavily marketed as exercise leggings, so if that's a trigger or distressing for you to see, that is a thing. But I promise they're very soft, matte, almost cottony and don't have that slick, slightly shiny feel most workout leggings have!, Also BIG POCKETS!)
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No phone pocket but Uniqlo heattech leggings meet your must-haves. The outside is matte, slightly ribbed, and feels like a t-shirt, and the part that's against your skin is soft and fleecy but not overly thick/warm. They are mid-rise (hit below my belly button) and full-length (at least on me, at 5'4"). Right now it looks like they have them in heather gray, navy, and black, but I have a red pair so other colors are ever offered.

I really like them and wear them all the time around the house. I have big thighs so they do pill and eventually split at the seam, but I just sew 'em back up and they're good to go for another few months.
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TheseKos Leggings are my favorite - and they never wear out!! They are actually better looking in person than in the modelling photo- how often does that happen?
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